Should Joe Girardi Be Allowed To Manage Tomorrow Night's Game?

Divisional Round - New York Yankees v Cleveland Indians - Game Two

It’s the next day and I’m still in shock of what happened last night. Lonnie Chisenhall struck out with two men on. The ball contacted his bat and was caught by Gary Sanchez. Fact. The replays were pretty clear the ball never hit Chisenhall’s hand. Gary Sanchez from the jump was adamant it was a foul tip, Girardi wouldn’t listen. He had to get the okay from upstairs reply guru Brett Weber. Weber is the best in baseball at judging if a play should be overturned and alerting the dugout. His track record all year long was phenomenal. This was a play, however, wasn’t something Weber was going to see immediately. It was going to take a super slow-mo view and a couple of angles that these reviews always look at for ten minutes before making a call. This challenge needed to happen from the gut, and the trust of his catcher Gary Sanchez. Girardi, a former catcher, decided to hang onto a worthless challenge he wouldn’t need the rest of the game instead of the trusting a gut of his player who was three inches from the play. It cost the Yankees the game and maybe the series.

Could you imagine going back to the Bronx tomorrow night tied at one game a piece having just beat up on the American League CY Young? To be honest I could not, but the Yankees were well on their way to doing so. If Girardi challenges that play, they’re more than likely in that spot. I haven’t left my bed all day. I’ve rewatched the entire game in disbelief. I really think it was the worst playoff loss I’ve ever suffered in my entire life. Now some of you might hate this, but I cannot count Rivera’s blown save in the World Series against Luis Gonzalez. I was eight years old, I was too young to know what was really going on and to feel the crush of a loss like that. I’d have to refer to the ’04 ALCS of course for my deepest darkest memories in Yankees losses, but this one ranks right up with those no doubt about it.

I’d imagine that non-challenge will all but likely end Girardi’s tenure with the Yankees. That may come off as extreme, but if George Steinbrenner was still running this team I’m convinced Joe would’ve been let go this morning. That entire loss, the biggest game of the year and a potential world-shocker, is all on Girardi’s hands. I hope he feels awful. I hope he apologized to the team from the bottom of his heart and cried to them. I hope he didn’t sleep. I hope he haunts him for the rest of his life. His players fought as hard as they could to get to this moment and their manager let them down in the worst of ways. It’s sickening. The Cleveland Indians were on the ropes for the first all season and we let em off the hook.

I was supposed to get a hair cut today and feel great about myself (but Hubbs you have no hair!). False I have great sides, some argue the best sides, and my hair has gotten so long it’s fucking curling on the sides. I was so depressed this morning I cancelled my hair cut. That’s how bad things are.

Joe Girardi, I hate you.

P.S. Yankees in Five.