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Aroldis Chapman Likes A Comment On Instagram Calling Joe Girardi An "Imbecile"

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Well I dont think theres anyone on the planet that can blame Aroldis Chapman for this. Sure, Chapman is an asshole. Yea, he’s volatile on the mound and cant be trusted and sometimes he’s the one that should be blamed for bad Yankees losses. But anyone out there – fans, players, or otherwise – that wants to absolutely HAMMER Joe Girardi for last night’s debacle has every right to do so. If you want to see him fired (or, in this case, let him walk), you are 100% within your rights on this one. Not challenging that HBP last night is a fireable offense. His excuse after the game in his press conference make it even more of a fireable offense:

“There was nothing that told us that he was not hit by the pitch,” “By the time we got the super slow-mo, we are beyond a minute. It was too late. They tell us we have 30 seconds. I think about the rhythm and never want to take a pitcher out of rhythm and have them stand over there to tell me he wasn’t hit.”

The goddam rhythm, Joe? The RHYTHM?? Your own players were BEGGING you to throw the flag. Everyone who took a look at that replay, at any speed at all, knew it was worth the challenge. It was pretty clear you’d win it, and given the circumstances, it was well worth the challenge even if you werent certain. A potential 3rd out in that situation is WAY more valuable that some made up notion of a pitcher’s rhythm. The funniest part of all is that Joe Girardi is hands down the most over-active manager in the game. Binder Joe over manages every single play that he possibly can. The one time he decides to leave things alone was the one and only time he positively HAD to intervene.

I wouldnt blame any players, fans, or owners that want Girardi gone after last night. He has done an unreal job all season long taking a very young team and a shaky pitching staff and putting the Yankee’s rebuild into warp speed. But last night erased it all. Plain and simple he lost that game for the Yankees last night and it ended their season. Thats absolutely worth a cuncel if the Yankees were so inclined.

PS – Imbecile is a WILDLY underrated insult