The Rationale Behind Darren Rovell Never Filling Out A Bracket, "I'm Afraid Of Losing" (I May Have Sort Of Made This Quote Up)



Still the thinnest lips in the game, no chance Rovell can drink out of a bottle.



So we get an explanation, which is basically “I get mad when my bracket blows up in my face and I can’t handle losing”. Awesome. Because you know what I think. I think having your bracket blow up is exactly why I love March Madness. Having skin in every game, watching the world burn as 13 and 14 seeds go to the sweet 16, that’s exactly why I play. It’s pure mayhem. I remember when Northern Iowa beat Kansas and ruined my bracket. Or Davidson or Valpo or George Mason. Those memories are what it’s all about. And the problem with robots like Darren Rovell is that March Madness isn’t some math problem they can crack. There is no “life hack” or “cheat code” to a winning bracket. Yeah the secretary who picks teams based on mascots usually wins but that’s the beauty of it. It’s madness Darren, that’s the fucking point. Everyone hates the guy with the winning bracket, misery loves company, a busted bracket is like a warm tub, 99.9% of us will wind up soaking in it at some point in the next 3-4 days and it will be like coming home. Rip it up and do it again next year because it’s the best weekend of the sports year.



Also, someone said something about filling out a bracket without money involved. If that’s what Darren Rovell is talking about then of course I agree with him but who the fuck would ever do that? A person who fills out a bracket just for fun is a person you can’t trust, period.





That twitter rant thrown in there was some deep dark rage for D. Just getting mad at people bashing twitter while talking about March Madness. What?