You Cannot Get Caught By The Kicker From Behind With The Game On The Line

Five laterals. Some great blocking. Zeros left on the clock. One point game. Nothing but the kicker and green grass in front of you. You CANNOT get caught from behind and think you can go back to school on Monday morning. You were about to be the focal point of the biggest play in your school’s history, now you’re the kid who got run down by the kicker. Went from guaranteed action that night to taking your cousin to prom. You hate to see it, you really do.

Also, shout out this kid for just completely giving up on the play.


He’s stride for stride with the kicker and just pulls up, completely embraces defeat, until the kicker makes the tackle and magically he finds some energy to sprint into his arms. That’s going to be a tough film room session. Gassers and up downs on the horizon like you read about.