Kevin Lee Just Missed Weight For His Interim Title Fight Tomorrow Night

So I’m at New York Comic Con right now, mixing it up with some fellow nerds, having a blast, and my phone starts blowing up. Being the professional journalist I am, I tried to ignore it while “at work”, making a video, but it was so overwhelming I whipped it out and got smacked in the face with the news that Kevin Lee missed weight for his UFC Interim Lightweight Championship on Saturday night against Tony Ferguson. God dammit. Yesterday he said he was 174lbs, and this morning he couldn’t hit 155lb on the scale. Shocker!

From the video of his weigh in, he looked legitimately shocked, and he’s only one pound off, so I’m kinda giving him the benefit of the doubt, but it’s so fucking selfish to miss weight at this level of competition. You jeopardize not only your own health (if you’re fighting in a weight class not fit for you) but your opponent’s purse as well. Fighters have families too, and they need to have money to support those families. Someone like Tony Ferguson probably has a good amount of money, but this fight is undoubtedly his “big break” when it comes to headlining a card for an Interim title. Even Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson’s revenue tomorrow is put into question because of this carelessness, because part of his contract gives him pay per view points. If Kevin Lee vs Tony Ferguson doesn’t happen, less people buy the show, and less money goes into Johnson’s pocket. It’s bullshit, and something needs to be done by either the UFC or the athletic commissions to regulate weight cuts with more safety and control. ONE FC in Singapore has everyone fight at weights extremely similar to what they’re walking around at thanks to hydration testing, and while that is a huge plan to install (and would likely strip most champions of their titles), it’s necessary to the growth of mixed martial arts. It could also save the lives of those who die trying to cut a few extra pounds in a weight division they don’t belong in.

Kevin Lee now has one hour to make weight, and he’ll probably do so. Everything I’ve written in this blog still stands, and I’m still rooting for him over Tony Ferguson tomorrow, because I just hate that dick with every fiber in me. But now I also hate Kevin Lee.

I’ll have a full preview of the card tomorrow afternoon, right here on Barstool Sports dot com.

Now I’m gonna get back to the nerds.