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Mike Leach Goes In Deep Thought About His Favorite Fast Food Burgers, Continues To Be a Must Listen In Press Conferences

Mike Leach is a national treasure. I love how he starts out by saying he’s not a big hamburger guy and then proceeds to go deep in thought over his top 3. Leach is a HUGE hamburger guy. The verdict?

1. In N’ Out
2. Steak and Shake (what the hell is that?)
3. Five Guys

It appears the way to Leach’s heart is a t-shirt, and according to him the In N’ Out t-shirt will survive a nuclear war. It’s gotten to the point where these reporters know they can get Leach on any kind of tangent they can think of. How do we get to asking about his favorite hamburgers? I think we need to get wild with these questions because clearly anything is on the table. I need his thoughts on aliens. Who does Mike think is gonna be on the Iron Throne at the end of GOT? Does he believe in magic? GIVE ME THESE ANSWERS.

Leach also decided to kick two freshman off the team yesterday, the day after they were caught stealing from Walmart.

Screenshot (89)

Leach’s famous three deadly sins will not be tolerated EVER: 1) violence against women 2) stealing 3) illegal drugs. You violate one of these and it’s see ya pizza. You steal as much as a pez dispenser from a $1 store you’re sent packing, never mind over $200 from Walmart at a self-checkout.

P.S. The correct answer to the orginal question, by the way, is Bobby’s Burger Palace. I know it’s Bobby Flay’s thing and he fucked Ari Gold’s wife, but that burger is the bomb. In N’ Out may be the most overrated thing in human creation, Five Guys is okay, and I have literally no idea what Steak and Shake is.

p.p.s. Imagine getting Mike Leach’s food order wrong? You might as well be dead.