Adults Getting Soda At Sporting Events Is Weird

First let me say that I understand alcoholism is a thing and if you suffer from it and you need to tweak on caffeine then all the power to ya. But this guy was sitting next to me last night (manspreading, btw. Crazy rude. He was like 5 foot nothin and was pushing me around the ring) and he housed about five sodas.

But, judging by my eyes and absolutely nothing else, the guy next to me wasn’t an alcoholic. He was just a weirdo. His girl was a weirdo too, with a digital camera instead of a smartphone like the rest of the normies. If you’re a regular person without any debilitating issues, as this guy was (I gave an ocular patdown) then you need to drink either alcohol or water at a sporting event.

It’s a little much, I understand this, but drinking a caffeinated soda at a hockey game is just fucking weird. You want a souvenir cup? 1, you’re still weird and 2, just ask for it with the beer. I feel like soda should at a sporting even should be illegal if you’ve hit puberty.

I understand what I’m saying is weird but in my head it makes sense. Movies? Sure, get a soda. Convenience store? Get that pop, my friend. But at a hocking game is just looks weird. Sorry not sorry.