Donald Trump May Prevent The Release Of Classified Documents Regarding The JFK Assassination

CNN – More than 50 years after President John F. Kennedy was slain in full view of the world, the final government documents about his death are set for release. That is, unless President Donald Trump, citing national security, certifies that some unreleased or redacted files be kept from public view. The documents are among the last of still-secret papers the government amassed on the assassination. Some grand jury and tax documents will remain secret. The JFK Records Act passed in 1992, following the release of the Oliver Stone movie “JFK” and a surge in interest about the killing. The law mandated the government release the remaining files to the public and gave it 25 years to do so. October 26, 2017, will mark 25 years since then-President George H.W. Bush signed the measure into law and is the deadline for full release. But concern has abounded from advocates of total disclosure that the Trump administration might block some of the release at the behest of the intelligence community. The National Archives said government agencies had deemed files covered by the act prior to its passage too sensitive for release, and the Archives would not characterize them outside of noting many are likely only somewhat related to the investigation. They run the gamut from FBI to CIA materials and all manner of documents said to pertain to investigations into Kennedy’s death.

Approval ratings aint exactly Donnie’s strong suit these days. I feel like you hear a lot of “lowest ever” type talk. A lot of numbers that are closer to 0 than they are to 100. But let me just tell you this:

You cockblock the whole world on secrets to the JFK assassination and you are GUARANTEED to be the most hated president in American history.

Aside from intel on Aliens, the JFK Assassination is at the very top of the list for life’s most intriguing mysteries. The gunmen on the grassy knoll. The mafia. Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald. The Magic Bullet. The Warren Commission. Its the most fascinating murder of all time. Countless books and movies created around the endless conspiracy theories. (Shout out to Scott Bakula and Quantum Leap! Sam leaping into Lee Harvey Oswald one of the best episodes of TV of all time!) Point being, the world always has, and always will, CRAVE more knowledge on this assassination.

Now, we dont know exactly what these documents say. I dont think anyone is expecting that this is the manila folder with the smoking gun. We all know that the answer to the question “Who killed John F. Kennedy?” is inside a film canister inside the hollow leg of a church pew in the Midwest. But if these documents were deemed “too sensitive” for the public thats gotta be some JUICY ass details. Give the people what they want, Don. Help your approval ratings. Give the American people a win. Give us a dub. Drop the JFK secrets, wait a couple years, drop the Alien secrets, and bam, reelection. I certainly dont think a second term of Trump is a good idea for America but if it we get to learn who assassinated JFK and where the Aliens are from and what they have done to us, then FOUR MORE YEARS! FOUR MORE YEARS!