Trump Drops Tantalizing Cliffhanger About A Calm Before A Storm

Wait for the very end…..

Ratings Machine DJT in the house! You gotta keep Rocket Man’s crazy ass guessing and obviously the best way to do that is to gather all of your military leaders at the White House for dinner and drop cryptic messages about calms before storms. Duh. That 20-second clip will send North Korea into a couple week’s worth of mobilization and by mobilization I mean obliterating their crazy uncles with antiaircraft missiles and shooting intercontinental ballistic rockets oops I mean bottle rockets into the sea. It’s like giving a cat a ball of yarn. Trump delivered that fat fuck Rocket Man a ball of cryptic militaristic yarn so hopefully we can all take off and just enjoy our weekends golfing now.

PS — Uhhh hey Jonathan, no shit Sherlock!