Comfort Dogs Have Made Their Way To Las Vegas

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Mashable- Grief and trauma are incredibly complex emotions. People who are the victims of attacks such as the one in Las Vegas often need a lot of support to process these emotions. Enter the golden retrievers. The LCC-K9 comfort dogs, which are backed by the Lutheran Church Charities, announced they were on their way to Las Vegas the day following the attack, and they arrived in all their furry, comforting glory. There were deployed to help victims of the Las Vegas shooting in a therapeutic capacity. The lovable mutts have been visiting survivors such as the ones in Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center. 

So nothing is gonna change what happened in Las Vegas. We can (hopefully) have a conversation about how to never let it happen again but that still won’t change the past. The horror of 59 innocent people getting senselessly cut down (and hundreds more injured and traumatized forever) by a piece of shit coward is unfortunately our reality. But we can at least try to make people feel better and that’s where these comfort dogs come in. Just descending upon Sin City like a cuddly army to hopefully make people forget, if even just for a couple hours, what has happened. Nothing will ever take away the pain of going to a country concert that ends up a war zone but a smiling golden retriever bounding at you will likely give some relief. The bottom line is that it sucks that we have to have comfort dogs but I’m glad we have comfort dogs. If that makes any sense. So shout out to all the very good boys and very good girls who are out in Las Vegas trying to make an incredibly shitty situation a little less shitty.