Video Of Dan Bilzerian Asking Las Vegas Police For A Gun To Help Fight During The Shooting. What An Asshole.

Daily MailNew footage shows Dan Bilzerian returning to the scene of the Las Vegas shooting and asking a policeman for his weapon so he could fight back. The ‘King of Instagram‘ was slammed after a video released immediately after Sunday’s attack featured him running away from the gun rampage, in which 58 died. But the latest clip shows him coming back to the scene and begging a police officer for a weapon so he can shoot back at gunman Stephen Paddock, 64. The video emerged as Bilzerian dubbed Dakota Meyer a ‘retard’ after the Medal of Honor winner called him a ‘coward’ for running.

What a goddam asshole Dan Bilzerian is. Hey bro this isnt a movie. This isnt Last Action Hero. You dont get to play Police Man. You dont get to run up on cops and ask them to just hand you a gun. Not under any circumstances, but certainly not in the middle of the deadliest shooting in American history. I mean literally right smack in the middle of the crisis. Automatic gunfire still ringing out. Mass confusion. Mass murder. The already-overwhelmed police officers dont need some random dude interrupting them begging them for a gun. Flashing your license in their face like they’re gonna just turn around and hand you a rifle. Again, this aint the movies. Its not one of those vigilante justice moments at the end of the movie where they hand a gun to a civilian and ask “Do you know how to fire a weapon?” and he turns into John McClane. You’re not a Navy SEAL, Dan. You’re a fucking instagram model. You take pictures with smokes and act like an asshole for Likes on the internet, you delusional idiot.

Leave the heroics to the trained professionals. Let the police Serve and Protect during an atrocious mass murder. You trying to get your rocks off and fulfill your fantasy of being a Marine does nothing except make the situation more chaotic and more dangerous. If you’re as trained and informed as you say you are, you’d know that in the heat in the moment police arent randomly giving up their guns to some stranger on the Las Vegas strip. A potentially drunk, a potentially dangerous, a potentially mentally unstable, etc etc person distracting police asking for a weapon when all the authorities are solely focused on is saving lives. But, hey, its Lights Camera Action for this Instagram Model. Gotta get those Likes up, right pal!