Soccer Fans Lose Their Minds After Paper Airplane Lands In Goal Mid-Game

That’ll do, Englishmen. You’re hurting the players’ feelings. Although it was an impressive shot. If I had to guess I’d say the pilot was an expert. Probably someone in the age range of seven to twelve who just learned the double fold.

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.19.32 AM

Dad was probably about six dark-beers deep and told him to let it rip. Some people call that being irresponsible but I call it being a good father. People forget that kids can essentially do whatever they want, consequence-free until they’re eighteen. Sending them to live out your dreams is a perk of parenting. I’m sure dad wanted to throw it himself but he didn’t want to risk the arrest. It’s like the time I was at a Celtics game with my brother and my dad sent us to walk across the court mid-practice to “see what would happen.” Nothing did. This guy’s plan worked out perfectly too. The video went viral, no one got in trouble, and his kid’s going to have a cool story for recess.

The crowd loved it too. You could feel the tension building once the plane started heading towards the goal. “Oh shite! It’s going ehnn!” I wouldn’t want to see the reaction if it feel short. Soccer fans are either hot or cold. There’s no in between. Luckily the paper airplane was able to win the crowd before things turned ugly.