Flyers Make The Smart Decision, Save All Of Their Goals For The Weekend

Philadelphia Flyers v Los Angeles Kings

Flyers 0, Kings 2(1-1-0) 

So that… well that is exactly what you don’t want out a a 10pm west coast game. You put that late night pot of coffee on and stay up until 1 for what? For your team to barely even get close to scoring for 3 straight periods? No thank you. Hard pass. The good news? Well I’m a firm believer that when you leave for a west coast road trip, you only bring a finite amount of goals on the plane with you. Meaning the Flyers still need to save some goals for Anaheim tomorrow night and then some leftovers for Nashville on Tuesday. Obviously I would have loved if the Flyers put up 10 goals last night like Chicago. But that means they would have been all out for the rest of their trip and they’d be screwed for the next 2. So the Flyers sacrificed last night, which considering how good Jonathan Quick looked, was probably the right decision to make.

Anyway, I hate recapping losses so let’s just keep this one quick.

Michal Neuvirth Gonna Fuck Around And Win A Vezina

By this point we know not to get too carried away with Michal Neuvirth. Is this going to be a potential save of the year nominee? For sure. It was a perfect pass right on the doorstep to one of the best players in the game and Neuvy almost made it look easy. But we’ve seen this from him before. He shows flashes of greatness and then regresses and then shows flashes of greatness again and then regresses again. But I mentioned this in Quick Shifts today. Michal Neuvirth is a father now. Which means that he has a little thing called Dad Strength. Michal Neuvirth sans kids is an inconsistent goalie who can either win you a game or lose you a game. Michal Neuvirth the father? Maybe he has the ability here to be consistently good. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Question: Should Your 4th Line Be Your Best Line?

The answer should probably be know. Everything from my 25 years of existence is telling me no. But for some reason, the Flyers 4th line is my favorite line to watch. In 2 games so far they’ve been making something happen every time they’re on the ice. Taylor Leier might be one of the best forecheckers in the game. Somehow Scott Laughton managed to find about 4 new gears of speed carrying the puck through the neutral zone. Michael Raffl fits in a lineup with just about anybody. This line is constantly buzzing and constantly getting chances. Would be a little better if this were the Weal – Patrick – Simmonds line we were talking about but I’m never gonna hate seeing 4th liners get some shine.

Andrew MacDonald, Actually Not Bad

Credit where credit is due, Andrew MacDonald actually pieced together a pretty nice game last night. It doesn’t happen often so we have to make sure to appreciate whenever it does. I said it in the 3rd part of the season preview. I know that fans hate MacDonald. I hate MacDonald, too, when he’s on the ice. But he’s clearly a great guy off the ice who the younger guys on the team look up to in the locker room. Enough so that they voted him to be an assistant captain. So I’m gonna change my attitude a bit here and be happy for Andrew MacDonald whenever he has a good game instead of pissed off that it means he’ll probably be in the lineup longer.

So that was just about all the good I could round up from last night. Let’s get to the bad.

Someone Forgot To Pay The PECO Bill

Usually that person is me and I’m about 15 minutes away from having my power shut off every month before I remember. But it was the Flyers’ powerplay last night. They went 3/5 against the Sharks in San Jose on Wednesday night. Looked like Kris Knoblauch had the boys rolling and they’d be automatic for the rest of the season. Then they go out last night and they go 0/5. It just looked liked everybody was slightly off page and it really shouldn’t be anything to worry about moving forward. Guys were just missing each other on passes. They were getting a little too predictable wrapping the puck around the boards entering the zone. Guys were flubbing on some shots. I wouldn’t hit the panic button yet but if you have 10 minutes of powerplay time and don’t score once, then you probably don’t even deserve to win anyway. Even though the Kings powerplay was also 0/5 but that’s besides the point.


The biggest problem the Flyers have is that there’s nobody on the team who is a shoot-first type of player. They’re all set up men. It’s a Michael Scott type of answer but they’re biggest weakness is that they’re too unselfish. So many times they have an opportunity to just get pucks on the net and pray for a rebound. Against a guy like Jonathan Quick who was seeing everything last night, you need those lucky bounces. You’re not going to beat him with a pretty play, it’s gonna take a garbage goal to squeak by. So here’s a perfect example. Great rush by Weal, drops it off to Voracek who could then get the puck on net and hope something pops out to either Couturier or Weal. Instead, he carries it in from the top of the circle looking to make the perfect pass and doesn’t even get a shot off. That’s the shit that kills this team every night.

Contrary To Popular Belief, Turnovers Are Bad

Especially turnovers right around your own blueline. And here’s what I don’t get. Even if that Laughton pass had connected with Raffl, what was he supposed to do with it there? It’s a high risk, zero reward play in an awful area of the ice. Just make the smart decision, chip it off the glass and get the forecheck going. That’s what this 4th line is supposed to do. They don’t need to make the pretty play coming out of the zone. You turn it over here, Sanheim then has to completely change his momentum and assess the broken play all in his NHL debut. It shouldn’t be shocking that with all of that going on in his first game, he lost track of Trevor Lewis and let him squeak behind him.


It wasn’t a poster night for Sanheim by any means last night. There was this goal and then the 4 minute high-sticking penalty. But I thought the kid showed a lot of great composure out there and didn’t let the mistakes get to him for the rest of the night. I’d say pretty much everyone top to bottom had a decent game last night. Sucks that one broken play puts you down 1-0 and then you get burned trying to push late in the 3rd trying to tie it up. But that’s the way she goes sometimes.

Flyers are off tonight and then are in Anaheim at 10pm on Saturday. Find yourself a bar that has the game on and drink every time you remember how much you hate Corey Perry.