The Hamburger Helper Hand Pimp Slapped A Hater On Twitter Last Night

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 4.26.49 PM

Lemme tell you something. These Twitter streets ain’t safe no mo. Anybody can get it from anybody at any time. It used to be that corporations and brands were very buttoned up and by-the-book-don’t-piss-anyone off with their Twitter accounts. You could throw out a tweet dragging a company or a brand and feel totally safe. But that just isn’t true anymore. It’s actually the opposite. Corporations are actively trying to be one of the cool, edgy Twitter accounts. Like Wendy’s getting into a rap battle with Wingstop. Or the Las Vegas Knights account trying to be the funniest sports team on the Tiwtter machine. hen take this Hamburger Helper example. That dude threw that tweet out and didn’t give it a second thought. He just wanted to take a jab at a young lady claiming to be wifey cause she can mix water and hamburger-flavored powder. Next thing you know he’s going viral, being called sexist and getting hit with strings of skull emojis from strangers. The Hamburger Helper hand pimp slapped him. Tough look.