Don't You Just Hate When You're A Saudi Arabian King And Your Gold-Plated Escalator Stops Working?

Laugh out loud funny. Not sure why but that hit me right in the funny bone. You spend a gazillion dollars on a gold-plated escalator and they turn into gold-plated stairs in a hurry. The most shocking part of the video is that the Saudi king started walking down the stairs. What the hell bro? What are you doing? You’re a king. You have a gold-plated escalator attached to your plane. You wait until the gold-plated escalator is functional. To his credit he did wait a full 20 seconds before deciding to start stepping down but he’s a king. Kings don’t walk down a gold-plated escalator. Kings stand there and wait until the gold-plated escalator is fixed. At the very least you make some peon carry you down the gold-plated-escalator-turned-gold-plated-stairs. By the way, how soon until Donnie Trumps has a gold-plated escalator attached to Air Force One? He’s gonna see that video and be PISSED he doesn’t already have a gold-plated escalator.