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Nick Cannon Performed At A Catholic University In NJ And They're Pissed At Him For Making Inappropriate Jokes

Daily Mail- Comedian Nick Cannon says he won’t apologize for his performance during a New Jersey Catholic university’s homecoming weekend.

The former host of America’s Got Talent spoke at The Strand theater on Saturday during the Georgian Court University homecoming and reunion in Lakewood, New Jersey.

Officials at the school felt Cannon, 36, disregarded the terms of his contract and ‘crossed the line’ with offensive words that do not represent the school’s core values.

According to Marbach in another statement obtained by APP, the university chose Cannon because he appealed to a wide variety of audiences due to his work in ‘Nickelodeon, MTV, and NBC as well as Showtime.’

‘We planned on and trusted we were getting the NBC or MTV version of Mr. Cannon. We did not. That was unfortunate.’ 

Another day, another comic in trouble for going blue at a college show. Do you know who we’re talking about here? Nick Cannon. Nick. Fucking. Cannon. Not Jim Jefferies, not Anthony Jeselnik, not Amy Schumer, Dave Attell, Bob Saget, or Jim Norton. Nick Cannon, aka the host of America’s Got Talent, aka the star of Love Don’t Cost A Thing and DRUMLINE. I didn’t see his set but something tells me he’s not up there tagging abortion jokes and making fun of the mentally handicapped. But I could be wrong. Given this picture, something tells me the offensive jokes might have had something to do with race…

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 2.49.26 PM

The point is, if you hire a comedian to play at your college, and you want them to work a squeaky clean act, you better lay out some explicit boundaries. A couple weeks ago, Mel Brooks said that political correctness spells the death of comedy, and universities are the epicenter of PC culture. You might say, well, just avoid them then, right? The problem is, colleges pay a TON of money. They have huge budgets for entertainment and if you can get a college gig, it’s typically a huge windfall. That’s why someone as successful as Nick Cannon still takes college gigs. But you know who doesn’t ever play colleges? Jerry Seinfeld. He claims that he will never play a college because of how uptight the students are. And that’s Seinfeld!! He’ll do an hour on pop tarts, which I guess might offend student groups advocating for healthier breakfast foods? Who knows.

I’m trying to think about how many jokes I currently have in my act that I’m confident would NOT elicit backlash at a college. It’s probably 2-3 minutes total. Oh well, guess I’ll stick to my circuit of 8-person bar shows. Maybe someday, I’ll be clean enough to rake in those college checks. lol.