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Nick Saban's Dad Once Threatened To Fire Him From His Gas Station Job After He Was Treating Customers Like Shit Cause His Girlfriend Dumped Him

You wonder sometimes why Nick Saban is the way he is. Why he never smiles. Why when his team is up 58-0 on Alabama Southern he’s found berating a 3rd string linebacker for not making a tackle. Why when Alabama wins the National Championship ever year he barely celebrates because he’s thinking about next year. It’s because he was raised like this.

Oh hey son looks like you’re having a tough day what’s wrong? My girlfriend dumped me and I’m just not feeling myself. Alright well I’m gonna fire you and beat you to a pulp if you don’t change your attitude. I honestly wouldn’t expect anything less from Nick Saban’s dad. The word excuse does not exist in the Saban family. You utter an excuse and you’re sleeping outside on the porch for a week.

I also sort of just assume Bear Bryant was Saban’s actual dad