Florida Elementary School In Some Hot Water For Refusing To Put Toilet Paper In The Bathrooms

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NYDN- A Florida elementary school faced backlash after reports that it had refused to put toilet paper in restroom stalls. Carter G. Woodson Elementary School in Jacksonville removed the rolls and instead opted to have teachers hand out “wads of toilet paper,” Action News Jax first reported. One concerned mother, Shantia Peterson, said she was worried about sanitation with toilet paper being passed “hand to hand” from teacher to student. Peterson began sending her 4th-grade daughter to school with a roll of toilet paper in a Ziploc bag before eventually transferring her to another school, she told Action News Jax. “I told her, I said, ‘Your new school, they’re going to have toilet paper in the bathrooms.’ My daughter got excited. She said, ‘What, are you serious? They’re going to have toilet paper in the bathroom?’” Peterson said. 


People are right to be outraged about this but it appears they’re outraged for the wrong reasons. Shantia Peterson is worried about the toilet paper being passed “hand to hand” from teacher to student? What the fuck? That’s not the biggest thing wrong with refusing to put toilet paper on the bathrooms. The biggest thing wrong with refusing to put toilet paper in the bathrooms is purely situational. No way no how is the teacher giving out enough toilet paper. How will the teacher know what kind of dump is about to take place? That knowledge is known only by the dumper. This brings about a set of unintended circumstances. What happens when a kid has to go take a dump and he or she knows it’s gonna be a big one? The type of dump that gurgles in your stomach like a dormant-but-soon-to-be-very-active volcano and you know it’s gonna be a DISASTER. Is that kid supposed to go up in front of the entire class and be like, “Hey teach, I’m about to drop a monster deuce so I’m gonna need you to be generous with the shit paper”? Hell no!

Elementary school kids will bully for wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy less. So now the monster dumper doesn’t have enough toilet paper and they’re walking around with mess down there. Not letting people decide how much TP they’re gonna use in the privacy of their own stall will lead to a ton of problems.