Harrison Ford And Ryan Gosling Can't Keep It Together In A Hysterical Interview

Who is this lady?! I love her. She just got a happy, lighthearted interview out of Harrison Ford where he LAUGHED! Might be the hardest he’s ever laughed in his life! It got to the point where he laughed so much I got uncomfortable and wanted him to stop because I’m just not used to seeing that. I thought Harrison Ford was too suave to laugh out loud.

We sure didn’t learn anything about Blade Runner 2049, but I’d prefer this kind of conversation over the “So how did it feel to once again step into the boots of Rick Deckhard after all of these years?” interview ten times out of ten. Movie junkets would be so much more enjoyable if everyone just started sipping some scotch, talking some shit. Or if you just put Ryan Gosling on every one and let that handsome son of a bitch laugh it up.