Don't Let Cam Newton's Comments Distract You From The Fact That He Still Writes His Instagram Comments In A Weird Font Like A Real Fuckhead

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This Cam stuff reminded me of something. Cam Newton is the world’s biggest dickhead on Instagram. I don’t care about the rich kids of Dubai that post selfies with their Tigers and Bentleys. Or the person you follow that always takes pictures of their food like they’re some fucking Restaurant critic. Or the friend who cant stop posting their new born baby like anyone gives a fuck. Or the accounts that rip off twitter accounts and doesn’t put their usernames in them (Cuck Jerry). None of those Instagram accounts hold a candle to Cam Newton and his stupid fucking wingding font. Who the fuck writes like this? Why? What is the reason? Who told him this was an appropriate way to caption a picture? Why has no one in his circle of friends told him to cut this shit out? We’re not codebreakers here, Cam. Do I look like a Navajo Windtalker? Do I look like a guy that can decipher all these shapes and weird characters?

I know the world has bigger problems than Cam Newton’s instagram font but right now this is bothering me beyond belief. If Cam doesn’t address this, we riot (I’ll probably forget about it in like 10 minutes because my brain is very small and shitty).


If he issues an apology for his presser yesterday in this font it will be funny, just that one time though. Then Im going back to hating it.