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The Yankees Just Stuffed Lebron James In A Locker

Hey Lebron BOOM ROASTED! There is no comeback for this. The Yankees just stuffed Bron Bron in a locker and he’s never getting out. And the best part is you know it bothers him. You know he wishes he could explain it. You can’t. Lebron is a fraud. His life is a fraud.   Everything about his existence summed up in one sorry photo of him openly rooting for the Yankees against the Indians in the playoffs.   Again I don’t know how Cleveland people root for this guy.  He has taken a once proud city and reduced them to a laughing stock.  They were good hardworking people.  Blue collar people.  Honest people.  And he rubbed their faces in the mud.   He cheated on them.  He made a mockery of their entire existence.  And they swallowed their pride and welcomed him back with open arms.   Was it worth it Cleveland?  Was the championship worth trading your integrity for?  Somewhere in a dark alley a single tear rolls down Bernie Kosar’s cheek.