A Kerfuffle Broke Out At A Boxing Press Conference After A Promoter Said He Was Going To Fuck A Boxer's Wife

Full video:

Video focused on the heated exchange:

Hmmmm, lemme see if I have a fresh new gif that fits the way everything unfolded in this video.

Ahhhh yes, the ol’ Anchorman Escalated Quickly gif. Something you rarely see on the internet!

Anyway, this is what boxing needs to do more of. The powers that be in all 1100 boxing federations need to realize that boxing is never going to be what it was. UFC eats its breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The last three boxing matches that a casual fan like me watched were two awful decisions that were either fixed or scored by a blind person as well as a glorified exhibition between a 40 year old boxer and an MMA fighter. If that’s the best boxing can do in the ring, the sport as we know it may be dead (to be fair, boxing has been pronounced dead more times than Keith Richards).

HOWEVER, there is no denying just how great a press conference scuffle can be. It gets the primal juices flowing every time. Sure most of the stuff is just chirping and grab-assing, but if you can get a sound bite like this, I think boxing can live as a combat sport that exists somewhere between WWE and UFC. Simply hearing some promoter I’ve never heard of scream that he is going to fuck the wife of a boxer I’ve never heard of in broken English put a humongous smile on my face. Even the boxer couldn’t take offense to it just because it sounded to ridiculous. Straight up Iron Sheik jibber jabber. Boxing needs to focus more on the build up and less on the fight that likely ends in disappointment for everyone that watched it. I mean even though everyone on the planet knew that Mayweather was going to beat McGregor, those press conferences were appointment television. Now not every fight is going to have a silver-tongued Irishman that says fuck in the funniest way possible or the cockiest son of a bitch on the planet talking about how rich he is. But this video proves you don’t need all of that to have an entertaining press conference.

In fact, boxing should focus more on the cornermen and promoters during the fight. They are sometimes bigger characters than the fighters. Maybe we should let a hype man occasionally get involved with a fight like a WWE manager. I’m not saying they should be allowed to hit their fighter’s opponent over the head with a steel chair. But maybe they are allowed to distract the ref once per fight so their guy can sneak in a rabbit punch. And I would have loved to see what McGregor could have done to that Showtime weasel if he had gotten involved during the fight against Mayweather after Conor ethered him in that press conference.

So if any commissioners of boxing are listening, please give us more of entertainment like the video above and less judges decisions that make us all swear we are never watching another boxing match again. I didn’t know who Chris Eubank Jr. or Avni Yildirim were before this fight. Now I may actually buy try to find a stream of it Saturday night. But that “may” would turn into a “definite” if there were a few more videos like this leading up to the fight.