The Patriots Take Their First Trip on AirKraft One, and Needless to Say it's Pretty Badass


AirKraft One: A wide-body 767 with the biggest cargo bay in the skies. A completely retrofitted interior with fewer seats. All the coach seats replaced by the widest and most comfortable seats available. Five more inches of leg room than the best First Class seats typically have.

The video didn’t mention it, but I’m just going to assume it’s outfitted with a hot tub and fully stocked open bar. Staffed by flight attendants who work the stripper pole like on Tony Stark’s private jet. Plus state of the art cameras fore and aft like an SR-71 Blackbird for taping other teams practices. A missile defense system like Air Force One in case they’re attacked. And of course, nuclear capability.

I’d accept nothing less if I was Mr. Kraft. When you’re the best in the business, are flying the GOAT around and have a coach on board who has won as many Super Bowl as the other 31 NFL head coaches combined, you travel like royalty or you just don’t go. Kings doing kingly things.