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Gas Station Worker Blasts A Dude In The Face With A Fire Extinguisher After He Won't Put His Cigarette Out

MASHABLEA dude enjoying a cigarette at his car at a gas station in Sofia, Bulgaria received a healthy dose of instant karma when he apparently refused to extinguish his butt when asked.

In the clip, the young man can be seen smoking next to his car and briefly arguing with someone off camera. Then, the gas station attendant slowly approaches the pump and calmly removes a fire extinguisher from its holder.

Without warning, he then douses the man at the pump with foam.

I love this dude, this old gas station attendant curmudgeon.  You think he gives a shit about job protocols and employee handbooks and shit?  I bet it says there right on top of the page, if you witness something dangerous, pick up the phone and dial the police.  Calmly try to rationalize with the customer, explain the situation, and if that fails record the license plate and wait for the authorities.  Don’t take matters into your own hands.

Fuckkkkkk that.  This guy cares about one thing and one thing only – not getting blown the fuck up.  Not having some asshole blast everyone in a 1,000 foot vicinity 50 feet in the air because he refuses to put his Marlboro out.   I mean in a perfect world there would be nobody else around and this asshole would get exploded the fuck out of and end up with 9th degree burns, but there’s a business at stake.  The town needs somewhere to refuel and put air in their tires and buy Funyuns and, ironically, buy cigarettes for much cheaper than the bodegas in the city.

Next best thing is this old timer grabbing a fire extinguisher and just blasting him in the motherfucking mouth with it.

Bright side for this douche – sodium bicarbonate, while having a funny taste and most certainly damaging your car’s interior, has a 100% smaller chance of giving you lung cancer.


Gas station explosions – unsurprisingly, no joke!