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Watch The Exact Moment Larry David and Bernie Sanders Find Out They Are Cousins

Finding Your Roots- October 3 at 9:00pm · Yes, it’s true. Watch U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and #LarryDavid find out they are related on tonight’s Season 4 premiere of #FindingYourRoots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr..  Watch the full episode:

I honestly can’t watch Bernie Sanders do anything without thinking that I’m watching Larry David doing an impersonation of Bernie Sanders.  The real Bernie Sanders doesn’t exist anymore in my mind (which is a huge relief for fans of capitalism and a free market economy am I right?!).

The two are so eerily similar that the only shock about this is that they are only distant cousins and not identical twins.

David/Sanders 2020  – not in anything evenly remotely political, ha ha, don’t be ridiculous – just for like, having a camera on them at all times as they are presented with minor everyday nuisances of which to complain about.