What Kind Of An Asshole Wants To Eats A Gluten Free Cheesesteak?




BOOM! Roasted? Eh, whatever.

Do I know what Gluten is? Not really. Something to do with Celiac disease and how people who eat it get stomach pain and the shits. Big whoop. Don’t you realize that if you consume a cheesesteak the right way you’re going to get stomach pains and the shits regardless? Just the way it is. You don’t house a greased up cow covered in cheese wiz without putting yourself at risk for a good ol’ fashioned Shomit (or where I come from, the Dreaded Hogans). Only thing more pussy than ordering a Gluten Free cheesesteak is inquiring about a Gluten Free beer, if which that is ever the case you deserve to be banished from society immediately.

But that’s not even the point. Why is everyone all of a sudden on a Gluten Free binge? Like were these people 5 years ago shitting their pants because their pasta contained bread in it? I don’t get it. This type of option didn’t even exist until recently and now there’s 3+ million asshats in this country who won’t eat anything without making sure it doesn’t have Gluten in it. These people are worse than Hipsters. They grimace and shun regular food like how I imagine GuntSoxDave does when he’s confronted with a vagina.

Am I wrong?

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