I Hope Everybody Realizes How Lucky We Are To Watch Connor McDavid Play Hockey

Gee. Zus. Christ. To steal a metaphor from our good pal Rovell, If Connor McDavid flying through the neutral zone was instead a car driving past Rogers Arena tonight, that driver’s license would be suspended.

Poor Michael Ferland. Poor TJ Brodie. Poor Travis Hamonic. None of them had a chance. The moment Connor McDavid got his wheels going, it was over. Kid is at least 10 times faster than everybody out there on the ice. He’s the only player in the world who is faster with the puck on his stick than off it. There’s no defending that. How do you defend somebody you can’t catch? And then to top it all off, he has the hands to pull up and stuff it on Mike Smith at 100 mph. It’s unfair. It shouldn’t be possible. It’s going to take forever for the rest of the league to catch up with him. And here’s Connor McDavid just continuously getting better year after year.

And to top it all off? The Oilers won round 1 of the Battle of Alberta tonight 3-0. Naturally, it was Connor McDavid with the hat trick. Here’s goal #1. Just a simple little tap in on the back door.

And goal #3 in the empty net.

Christ, man. It’s a scary thought when the best player in the league only gets better.