Last Night In The NBA: More Insane Outside Shooting And A Couple Big Debuts

Charlotte Hornets v Detroit Pistons

Welcome back to another edition of Last Night In The NBA where we catch you up on everything you may have missed from the night before in the league. There were a total of 8 games on the schedule, so let’s not waste any time.

Grizzlies 110 76ers 89

I’m sure Smitty or Rone will talk more about this game so I don’t want to steal too much of their thunder so I’ll be brief. You’re lying to yourself if you weren’t impressed with Ben Simmons in this game. Sure, he can’t shoot, but we knew that. If any of the teams we root for had a rookie that had 6/7/9/1 in 22 minutes, we would be thrilled. Pretty good debut for the “rookie”

Other than that, we saw JJ Redick make his Sixers debut and do JJ Redick things by scoring 11 points on 4-7 shooting including two threes

But same with Simmons, these were things we knew this player could do. What surprised me from Philly wasn’t that Fultz kinda stunk (he’s not exactly used to playing off ball yet), it was this move by Stauskas

Not bad!

For Memphis, Brandon Wright came out of nowhere to drop 16/8, Chandler Parsons played in consecutive basketball games which is a weclcomed sight foir Grizzlies fans, and since most of the big dogs didn’t play, last night was a chance for guys like Andrew Harrison to shine, and boy shine did he


That crossover was real quick

Hawks 109 Cavaliers 93

Here’s something we will most definitely not see during the regular season, and that’s the Hawks beating Cleveland. That’s what makes the preseason so exciting! Anything can happen! Including getting completely owned by Dennis Schroder and Dwayne Dedmond

Also, look at this cute idea from Kyle Korver. What are you some sort of idiot?

For Cleveland, it would appear they have two Isaiah Thomas’ which I find both annoying and repulsive

And don;t forget Ante Zizic and his quick 4/6 inb just 12 minutes. Cavs are going to get something out of him I just know it. Watching the Cavs is going to feel like you’re in a time machine and it’s 2010, or at least that’s what they want us to think, and Wade sure did look like his old self


Hornets 108 Pistons 106

Our first close game! This one was actually pretty entertaining, after a monster 2nd quarter from CHA (31-18) the Pistons came right back out after halftime with a 36-16 quarter of their own, and it was on. Malik Monk had his best game as a pro with 19 points, which is going to be important if Batum is seriously hurt. Jeremy Lamb also played well and had 18 points, but the play of the game clearly was Dwight Howard.

Now I think Dwight is maybe the biggest doofus in the NBA, but you can’t lie, this was impressive

For Detroit, this was our first look at new Piston Avery Bradley and I’m sorry but I still fucking hate it. It was a pretty typical Avery performance, he shot the ball OK, had 14 points, and at times tried to do too much and had 5 turnovers. That’ll happen from time to time Pistons fans.

Drummond had a solid 16/15, three bench players were in double figures, and as a team the Pistons shot 47%. Not exactly ideal for CHA who built a reputation of being a pretty solid defensive team.

Pacers 104 Bucks 86

Another debut, this time it was Victor Oladipo for the Pacers, and it wasn’t all that badf! A total of 15/4 in 24 minutes, it was pretty standard Victor


And I’ll tell you what, now that this is officially Myles Turner’s team, I think he’s ready for that challenge. 17/9 with 3 blocks for him, he also showed up he can evolve with the rest of the league and step back and hit a three once in a while

I certainly hope the move to start Darren Collison over Lance Stephenson isn’t going to be a thing, mostly because Lance is better, and he showed it lat night with a 17/6/6/2 night of his own.

For the Bucks, Giannis and Delly didn’t play, and to be honest none of their other starters really “played” either. By that I mean they all stunk. Only production they got came from their bench


which had four players in double figures, and each of those players shot at least 50% from the field.

Mavericks 118 Bulls 71

OK, maybe the Bulls aren’t back. This is wherre the outside shooting started to get a little crazy. The Mavs shot 50% for the ganme, and 18-40 from deep. Hard to beat a team when those two things happen. Half their FGA were threes! The starters were led by Dennis Smith Jr

and Harrison Barnes and his 17 points, maybe he’ll finally be worth that money!

For the Bulls, there isn’t much to celebrate, especially when you lose by 40 and score just 11 points in the fourth quarter while giving up 44, HOWEVAH I can always find something. Like this play from Bobby Portis!


Pretty good for a big guy if you ask me.

Jazz 117 Maccabi 78

Call me crazy, but maybe it would help the Jazz really get ready for the season if they you know, actually played an NBA team in the preseason. This is not real competition, just like their last game was not competition. But I digress, one thing we continue to see is Rudy Gobert destroy rims

Also liked this little spin and finish from a guy who is going to need a big year as he approaches RFA

Nuggets 122 Lakers 104

Two nights ago it was Houston burning the bottom of the net from the outside, well last night it was the Denver Nuggets

They finished shooting 54% from the field and 19-38 (50%) from deep. Of their starting 5, every player minus their Center had at leat 3 3PM. This Northwest division is going to be absolutely insane.


But for me, the story of the night for the Nuggets was Kenneth Faried and his 25/7

Once again for the Lakers, Kyle Kuzma was their best player. He finished with 21 points on 7-9 shooting, which included this nasty play


Sadly for him though, he didn’t even have the best dunk of the night. That came from Julius Randle, who killed a Plumlee

Other than that, the Lakers still stink, fell to 0-3 in the preseason, and all is right with the world

Timberwolves 111 Warriors 97

I tried to tell you guys after the last Warriors preseason loss, this team is playing with fire, and it could be trouble. The Warriors played nearly their entire roster, with Curry/Durant/Green/Thompson all playing at least 24 minutes. Will they ever win a game? It’s hard to say.

They didn’t win this game mostly because everyone on the Timberwolves played well. Maybe they were pumped about the Lynx title or something, but they had a total of 7 players in double figures.


Wolves are now undefeated in the preseason btw.

For GS, I mean what is there to say, Durant was Durant

Nick Young is already embracing his life long dream of playing in a system where it’s encouraged to jack it from deep

And the Splash Brothers splashed

And that should have you all caught up on everything you may have missed last night in the NBA. There are four more games tonight so make sure to check back tomorrow for everything you missed!