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Chris Sale's First Postseason Press Conference Has Me Ready To Run Through A Wall

WOOOOOO!!!! Let’s fucking GO BABY. Postseason baseball is finally here and I’m ready to rock.

You may think I’m being sarcastic, by the way, but I’m certainly not. Sure, Sale’s demeanor wasn’t exactly shaking the walls, but that’s how you know the man has power. He speaks with his words, not his emotions. You want to play baseball, let’s play baseball. That’s what Chris Sale lives for. Three days rest? Fuck it, he’s game as long as it’s not in a retro jersey. Chris Sale discovering the postseason is like a kid discovering puberty, he’s ready to go until the damn thing falls off.

This is why I laugh at anyone who’s been worried about fatigue with Sale over the last two months. Fatigue doesn’t matter to a guy like him. Sale had already put together one of the most dominant seasons in Red Sox history by the end of July so he got a little bored at work. Who hasn’t done that? Chris Sale is a certified psycho and a gamer, if you don’t think he’s not gonna step on the mound and be a motherfucker in the postseason then you’re a crazy person. He’s on eight days rest, where he has a career ERA of 1.88, and he’s ready to rock.  It’s a guarantee.

It’s sweatshirt weather at ballparks for the first time in his career, let’s get it.