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Some Guy Started Singing "No Diggity" On An Airport Terminal Microphone And I Don't Know If I Like Him Or Hate Him For Doing It

I’ve watched this video three times and I still don’t know what to make of this guy. On one hand, I should hate him with every fiber of my being. I, just like most people who fly, am on edge the entire day I have a flight. You have to make sure you leave the house early enough so traffic doesn’t buttfuck you. Once you get to the airport, you have to pray that TSA doesn’t buttfuck you with long lines or a random screening. And then once you get to your gate, you are on edge hoping you can get on the tin you are about to sit on for hours just so you don’t get buttfucked out of a overhead compartment. The entire time, I am in a delicate state of mind. If anything goes wrong and the possibility of a buttfucking arises, I am ready to morph into a mushroom cloud laying motherfucker, motherfucker. Everyone should be staring straight ahead while in the terminal, without showing an ounce of happiness or emotion in general. If I see some asshole singing at a terminal like a homeless weirdo on the subway, I would probably think about jumping out the window before choosing to ignore everyone around me and throwing my headphones in my ear at lightning pace. If the entire terminal started clapping while he thrusted the air, I would probably go full Lloyd Christmas onto the tarmac.

HOWEVAHHHH, the other side of the equation is that the song this silly son of a bitch is singing is “No Diggity”. If “No Diggity” can’t put you in a good mood, then you are just a big ol’ asshole. The same can be said for classics like “Return of the Mac”, “Ignition Remix”, “Here Comes The Hotstepper”, and basically everything on Nelly’s first two albums. Yeah this dude is a hardo at best and an attention craving dickhead at worst. But I have to think that people wouldn’t be getting bodied by security and dragged off planes hogtied if they listened to a playlist like this before they boarded the plane.

That being said, I still think I want to punch this weird ass R-words fan in the face. No wonder people always say Southwest is a lawless ass airline. No seat assignments or respect for the boarding microphone is a recipe for chaos every single time.