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"Philly Tough" Taking You Into The Season Opener

My extremely honest opinion? This video didn’t get me hyped up for the season even a little bit. I don’t know who thinks of Philadelphia Flyers hockey and immediately goes right to some little girl on the dive team and NASCAR. Who are these guys with really large muscles who are telling us that we’re not tough? Since when does everybody in Philly do parkour? None of the video made sense. I mean, I’m glad they at least hired a bunch of grimey looking middle-aged actors to portray blue collar Philadelphians.

And I’m glad they incorporated wheelie kids into the mix since they have successfully taken over the city.

But other than that I was just very confused. A Flyers promo video should be as easy at it gets to make. Give us some highlights, give us some random shots of South Philly, give us shots of SEPTA, maybe Rizzo Rink, maybe a couple of dudes dropping the gloves and fighting in the middle of Rittenhouse Square, some Rocky, some more highlights with a motivational speech going in the background and everybody will be ready to run through a goddamn wall. Instead we get this.

Whatever. The season is here and game 1 is tonight. Sharks have won 7 season openers in a row. Flyers generally suck when they’re out on the west coast. Looks like there’s a good chance that Morin and Sanheim are both scratched tonight. It’s looking like everything is going against the Flyers tonight. Which is why you should expect them to be tied for 1st place in the league tomorrow sitting pretty at 1-0.