The Now Loose Juice Is Already Out Grinding On His Golf Game

I’m a big time #goodforgolf guy but have a feeling we shouldn’t claim this one. Look, we (golf) love to grab anyone and everyone even remotely related to golf and showcase the shit out of those ties to golf. Hype it up. Connect some dots. Like a #goodforgolf pyramid scheme. Presidents, celebs, astronauts, instagram models. You name ‘em, we’ll claim ‘em. But I think you gotta draw the line at OJ. Maybe photoshop him off the putting green and onto a tennis court or something. Take this opportunity to bury another sport. I mean shoutout to The Juice for doing 9 years in the slammer then hopping right onto the practice green. Golf is infectious. Has that kinda pull on you, there’s no doubt. But I just have to exercise some caution here — probably should take #goodforgolf in a different direction from the (alleged) violent double murderer.

PS — The Juice’s golf gloves are definitely a few sizes too small right? Ya know, just to be safe.