I'll Be Honest I Did In Fact Think This Was A Picture Of Me When I Saw It On Twitter Last Night

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 11.54.23 AM

So I didn’t get out in front of this one, big mistake. Dave posted it last night on twitter and I let the narrative control me before I could control it. Rookie level stuff. But here’s the real problem. I actually did a double take and thought it could be me. That’s bad, real bad. But in my defense we do have a 7-11 around the corner from the office. And I do go there almost every day to get my very healthy combo of dip, hot fries, cherry coke, and reeses pieces. So when you add it all together, the only thing that stopped me from thinking this was 100% me was the fact that the PFT look alike wasn’t wearing sunglasses. Saved by a minor technicality. Otherwise it’s me, and that’s sad and I should feel bad. Thank God it’s finally puffy vest season.