This Good Girl Mochi Has The Longest Goddamn Tongue You've Ever Seen

All the good boys (and good girls, 2017) watching that video: “Wat dat mouf do?”

I can make that joke cause it’s about male dogs getting a blog job from a female dog who has the longest tongue. The joke is that she would give an awesome blow job cause she has a super long tongue. Got it? Animal on animal stuff only. It’s fine. No beastiality in this blog. No sir. Anyway. MOCHIIIIIIIIIIII. Breaking world records! That tongue is long as fuck. It looks like a stretched out piece of bubble gum. I love that her owners feed her peanut butter strictly so she’ll show off her giant tongue. Mochi is getting fed shovels of peanut butter on a regular basis just to showcase her Gene Simmons-like tongue. That’s a nice life for a dog. I’d also like to give a quick shootout to that place that only rescues fat dogs. They really skated past that but I think it should’ve been the full focus of the video. Big dogs need love too. Some would argue they need the most love.