That Drexel Professor is at it Again: Blaming White Males for the Vegas Shooting




As the FBI combs through the piles of evidence on the Vegas shooter – his cache of weapons, his residences, his hard drives – in search of something approximating a reason for shooting thousands of bullets into a crowd of innocent, leave it to George Ciccariello to crack the code that explains everything.

In case you don’t remember, Ciccariello is the Drexel professor and visiting researcher at the prestigious National Autonomous University of Mexico who back in March became Internet Famous with this gem of a Tweet:

“Some guy gave up his first class seat for a uniformed soldier. People are thanking him. I’m trying not to vomit or yell about Mosul”

And now he’s cracked this caper wide open. Our self-described Communist who nevertheless collects a salary, owns his own possessions instead of making them the common property of the people’s government and buys his coffee from a mega-corporation, has found the motive. And has a positive ID on the suspect: It is you and me.

Which is to say it’s you and me if you also have the misfortune of being born Caucasian and with a penis. We are the guilty parties. Our white privilege and patriarchy are to blame. We helped that deranged lunatic smuggle the weapons up to the room, set up his sniper’s nest, put the bump stocks on the rifles and kept handing him the ammo as the body count continued to rise. Because our white guy supremacist views make us want to kill dozens of our brother white male supremacists. And I’m sure our duplicity makes the author of “Abolish the White Race” want to puke like we’d given up a First Class seat to a serviceman.

So fuck you, all white guys. Fuck me, too. And fuck George Ciccariello who, by the looks of him, is every bit the unindicted co-conspirator crackerass cracker the rest of us are. Because when you’re a self-loathing, hipster, academic douchebag there’s one time when you can blame an entire ethnic group for the actions of one lone psycho. And this is it. You’re under arrest, white men. And guilty as charged.