James Dolan Effectively Castrated FS1 And Left Them Penisless

It hasn’t been the best couple months for FS1. The top dog got fired for sexual harassment. (allegedly) Katie Nolan just left to go to ESPN. And now the final death blow. They put funny signs on the NY subway making fun of James Dolan and then Dolan puts them on his knee and spanks them and makes them write a formal apology while taking them down. I know KFC and Clem HATE James Dolan but this is such a power move. Like oh you’re gonna talk shit about me? No you’re not. I’m going to make you take it down and beg for forgiveness. He essentially castrated an entire network. They are now penisless. It’s also the reason that as long as I’m in charge of content at Barstool we’ll always have an advantage.