Car Chase With Suspected Murderer Ends In Crash On Lake Shore Drive, Stand Off Still On Going


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(Source) A car chase through the South Side and downtown involving a man wanted in connection with a murder in Georgia ended with a standoff between the man and police after the vehicle crashed on Lake Shore Drive on the Near North Side, officials and witnesses said.

According to Harvey Police Department spokeswoman Sandra Alvarado, the man in the vehicle police were pursuing is wanted in connection with a murder in Hampton, Ga. Alvarado said that at 12:24 p.m. today, Harvey police had been contacted by the Henry Country Sheriff’s Office asking for help in locating a homicide suspect. Harvey police were given a description of the vehicle, its registration, GPS location and arrest warrant information on the suspect, who was wanted in connection with a March homicide. Alvarado did not name the suspect.



Oh well then, just a regular little Sunday afternoon police chase and armed stand off in the middle of Lake Shore Drive. Totally normal.


2 things that I can’t get out of my head. 1) Imagine if you were hungover after yesterday and you were one of the cars stuck, spending the rest of your day sitting in traffic while an armed standoff goes down? I think I’d just abandon my car and hope it was there on Monday. Right in the middle of Lake Shore Drive, just walk away and hope for the best. And 2) I’m thinking about hopping on my bike and going down there to get in the mix. Think they’ll just let me stick my nose in the middle of this and see what all the buzz is about? Doesn’t hurt to ask right?*




*jk, I’m not getting off my couch for anything in the world.