The Police Body Camera Footage From The Las Vegas Shooting Is Terrifying

Credit to these cops and everybody who was trying to be a helper on that night. Like usual, ole Mr. Rogers says it best. Look for the helpers in times of distress.

When talking about the Vegas shooting, focusing on the good and brave is better than going through every single aspect about the shooter’s life. I don’t give a fuck about the fact that he worked at a bank or was a mail carrier or a candlestick maker or that he made his mom cookies or that he beat off to weird porn. The guy who committed the worst shooting in modern American history wasnt a model husband. Shocking!

Everywhere you look, you see new details about this clown’s life. Enough already.

Also, I thought for a while about posting this video. Is it harping on the issue? Should we be done talking about it? It’s been three days. Three. Crazy that is how this works though. Just crazy.