FS1 Removed It's Subway Ads Calling The Knicks Hopeless After James Dolan Reportedly Called Rupert Murdoch To Complain





ESPN- A New York City subway wrap bashing the New York Knicks will be taken down after pictures of it spread across social media on Tuesday. The ads, wrapped around a subway that goes to and from Times Square, was to promote a show that asked fans to “pick a side.”

A source said the Knicks, whose logos and players were used in the ad, did not approve the advertising and that it would be taken down by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

“Today, FS1 featured statements on a New York City subway car intended to reflect the distinct emotions and opinions of passionate sports fans,” Fox said in a statement. “We regret the tone and are removing the content in its entirety.”

Zagsblog- Knicks owner Jim Dolan called Rupert Murdoch on Tuesday and was “furious” about the new Knicks’ Hopeless ad campaign sponsored by FS1 that is running in New York City subways, an industry source said. They are “dealing with a s–tstorm internally at Fox,” the source said. “If you post something like this you have to expect Dolan’s wrath.”

Oh poor James Dolan wasn’t very happy that FS1 actually had the gaul to call the Knicks the dumpster fire that they are? Little Jimmy Kazoo probably threatened to hold his breath and stomp his feet until those meanies at FS1 took down those ads. It’s not like he would threaten to remove Fox, FS1, and more from Cablevision because of this, would he?

*Thinks for a millisecond*

Of course he would. It would be easier to do that than actually fix a franchise that is rotten at its core. I bet Rupert Murdoch and anyone that actually built their empires instead of their daddy handing it to them do whatever Silver Spoon Dolan asks as long as it will get him off the phone. And they definitely do the jerkoff motion with their hand whenever Dolan is rambling on. I really have nothing else to say here other than fuck James Dolan.

And how about FS1 here? Show a little backbone for me ONE TIME guys. You go out and finally do something that people like but you immediately back down when the most hated man in New York starts grumbling about you? What a bunch of fucking cowards. They’ll have Skip Bayless slander LeBron James and Aaron Rodgers every day on TV while they are out winning MVPs and championships but you can’t poke a little fun at the worst owner in all of sports? Fuck FS1 too. They truly are the Knicks of TV.

Also how does the MTA get the ads on this train switched out so quickly? If there is the slightest signal malfunction or someone on the train in front of me gets sick, I am packed dick to ass in a train for 20 minutes before it starts moving again. You know Dolan has clout when he can actually get people in that rat dungeon to put a little hop in their step.

P.S. Free Ball Don’t Lie shirt for any MTA employee that gives me these pictures so I can put them in my basement. I’d like to sit on that stuff as I watch the Knicks battle for the 8th spot in the East and a quick exit in the playoffs instead of trying to get the number 1 overall pick.