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Movie Production Company Forgets To Tell Cops They're Filming A Robbery Scene; Police Officer Shoots At Actor

Daily Mail- Police body camera footage shows the shocking moment an officer opened fire on an actor filming a bank robbery scene for a movie in Indiana.   

Indiana State Police were called to the Back Step Brewing Company in Crawfordsville on last Tuesday after someone called 911 to report seeing a masked man with a gun enter the back of the building, RTV6 reported.

An officer fired at the man, later identified as Jeff Duff, striking the building nearby and not hitting him. 

At the time of the incident, actor Phillip Demoret told RTV6: ‘The bullet went by his head. It was very close.

‘I don’t want to think about it. If it had hit him, we’d be having a whole different conversation. Thank goodness he wasn’t.’ 

ISP Sgt. Kim Riley told the television station: ‘When the police said drop the gun he turns toward police pointing the gun – if you don’t know it is a movie scene how are you supposed to react.

Shortly after the incident, Indiana State Police determined that Montgomery County Production was filming at the location, but no one, including the bar or the production company, had notified police or businesses nearby that filming would be occurring.

“Whoa. That was close.” -nearly everyone

“Damn. So close.” -the actor who was next in line for the role of “bank robber.”

YIKES. As an actor, I’ve had some close calls on set. One time, a PA (that’s industry talk for production assistant) brought lunch and all the sandwiches had cheese in them. I was like dude… I’m lactose intolerant, and I have to be sexy all afternoon. My pores are already clogged from this goddamn makeup. Are you fucking kidding me with cheese right now? Luckily, he understood his egregious error and ran back to the deli for a cheese-free sandwich for me.

While that’s a pretty scary situation for any actor, I never had real bullets whizzing at my head during a scene. Kinda puts the whole cheese fiasco in perspective. You’d expect him to say “I’m not cut out to be an actor” after this, but if he showed up to set the next day? Kid is the next Tom Cruise. That’s dedication to the craft. All he needs is for the right casting agent to see him, which might be tough since he’s currently shooting local film student projects for Montgomery County Production, whose IMDB page… doesn’t exist. Who knows, maybe this was the big break he needed?

Or perhaps this near-death experience led to Jeff Duff walking off the set, never to return. As a result, this movie flopped and was panned by critics everywhere. Years later, Jeff, the star of Spiderman 39, is asked about his decision to walk off the movie. “REALLY DODGED A BULLET THERE,” he yells (he’s deaf in one ear, a result of the time a soldier fired an RPG at him during a scene for a war movie). Luckily, he’s maintained his sense of humor throughout a career where people constantly shot at him because his PAs always forgot to notify local police forces of their projects.