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Colin "Clickbait" Cowherd Calls Philly Fans The Dumbest In America And I May Need To Fight Him


First off, FUCK Colin Cowherd. This blowhard will do anything for views, clicks, and dicks at this point. In reality, this Tweet from the depths of the Eagles Socia Media crew sums it up best:

Secondly, just for argument’s sake, from an outsider’s perspective with zero research or intellect, I see his perspectives. Andy Reid is a very, very above average coach in the NFL. Terry Francona has had major success since getting axed from the Phillies. Jay Wright was indeed run out of town…wait, what? Nip that one in the bud right of the bat. I’m pretty sure Jay Wright has been one of the most locally revered coaches since the start (even when he’s getting blackmailed by coeds he knocked up, ammiright, internet?). I can’t even fathom how Coward can even insinuate people wanted to run him out of town. That doesn’t ever come close to happening in the Philly college basketball world. John Chaney didn’t make a Final-Four for a century at Temple and was pretty much unanimously loved (by everyone but John Calipari – I’LL KILL YOU). Phil Martelli, outside of a few decent seasons here and there, basically has tenure as St. Joe’s coach thanks to one dream season provided by Jameer Nelson. To say Jay Wright was ever getting major heat from any fans is just plain wrong.

Now, Andy Reid is the greatest Eagles head coach of all-time. There’s no debating that. He’s still a Top-5, possibly Top-3 coach in the NFL. But people like Coward conveniently choose to forget his dwindling years in Philly. After a MIRACLE run to the NFC Championship game in 2008, Reid had 0 playoff wins. In 2011, thanks in part to allowing Howie Roseman enact his “Dream Team”, they started 4-8 (ended 8-8 out of the playoffs) a year after a fluke Michael Vick magical year in which they won the NFC East at 10-6 (and promptly lost in the first round to the eventual Super Bowl Champion Packers). After legendary DC Jim Johnson died – RIP – his understudy Sean McDermitt took over the late great’s role in charge of the defense. McDermitt was then swiftly fired (wonder what he’s doing now? Probably out of the NFL) for…wait for it…longtime Offensive Line Coach Juan Castillo. LOVE Juan Don as a person and OL coach, not so much when he’s banking on his college football experience as a linebacker to run a NFL level defense. Plus old man D-Line coach Jim Washburn, hand picked by Reid to join the team from the Titans, blatantly disrespecting “Juanita” every day didn’t help the cause. Cut to a disastrous, lackluster 4-12 season in 2012, it was time to go. Not only that, it was generally agreed the change of scenery was the right move for all parties involved. Including Big Red. So, yeah, blame the Philly fans for running him out of town.

On to Tito. Terry Francona was a rookie manager and had zero talent while coaching the Phillies. None. And that’s not hyperbole. Curt Schilling, Scott Rolen, and Mike Lieberthal. That was the extent of what Terry Francona had to work with for his 4-years with the Phillies under Ed Wade. That’s a stone cold fact. It’s a damn shame Wendall McGee, Garrett Stephenson, and Bobby Estella didn’t pan out, dammit. It’s also well established he wouldn’t have gotten the Red Sox job if Curt Schilling didn’t heavily lobby for Francona to take over. So, sure, Terry Francona was “Ran Out Of Town”. Seemed like a good thing as Tito went 65–97 in his final year in 2000, while Larry Bowa took over and turned them into an 86-76, 2nd place in the NL East squad in 2011.

Anyways, this is exhausting. Coward got his clicks, and triggered the fuck out of every warm blooded, fire breathing Philadelphia sports fan. Stick to being useless, Colin. Or just put out more half-assed Philly hot takes like this beyond cringeworthy attempt at comedy from last year.

OMG OMG OMG THIS IS SOOOOOO PHILLY!!! The cheesesteak sponsorship and threatening violence every 2 seconds were so unpredictable I almost spit out my soft pretzel and I wasn’t even eating any. Did you see they changed his name from Colin to Colon? HILARIOUS!!! Never knew Eagles fans talk in NY accents, either. In short, fuck you Cowherd. Twice.