Andy Reid Is So Proud Of His Joke And I Love Him For It

God I love this. Andy Reid just so quietly pleased with himself because he’s nicknamed his kicker, Harrison Butker, You see his name sort of looks like buttkicker and we’re in 2017 so the internet is a pretty big deal right now, add those two facts togethere and presto chango you’ve got yourself I’m legitimately jealous of Andy in this moment. You can see it in his face, the set up, the little smirk, it was perfect. And we’ll all get there someday. You say you won’t but it will happen. The day the Dad jokes arrive and never leave. Just firing off corny one liners left and right in the hopes of getting that one fleeting moment of Zen., nailed it.

I really want Andy Reid to win a Super Bowl. We make fun of him but he’s such a good Coach. I may even say he’s the second best coach in the NFL, now that Jeff Fisher is no longer with us.