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The Penguins Got Their Stanley Cup Rings Last Night. I Guess They're Nice If You're Into Living In The Past Or Something

Wow. Congratulations. On the days leading up to the 2017-18 NHL season, the Pittsburgh Penguins continue to live in the past. Get over it, guys. That was like 4 months ago. You idiots are still celebrating Stanley Cups from 1991? Jake Guentzel, Bryan Rust, Conor Sheary, Olli Maatta and Matt Murray weren’t even alive back then. But yeah, continue to live it up as if those 5 Stanley Cup Championships mean absolutely anything heading into this season. Just look at these guys.

@phil_kessel_81_ : Not a bad birthday. Forgot one of them at home #twotime

Act like you’ve been there before, fellas. You know it’s bad when even Tom Sestito is dishing out ruthless internet murders.

This is how he repays me for complimenting him and saying that him being the tough guy enforcer was incredibly overlooked in the Penguins’ Cup run and that he deserved more respect? Sad!

And sure. These rings are quite stunning. A little too flashy for my own personal taste. I like to remain classy yet understated. But they’re very nice nevertheless. Nobody is disputing that fact. I just think it’s funny that the Pittsburgh Penguins are still so caught up in last year’s success that they seem too distracted to even care about this coming season starting in just 24 hours from today. Starting on Wednesday October 4, the Pittsburgh Penguins officially become former back-to-back Stanley Cup Champions. Starting on Wednesday October 4, the Pittsburgh Penguins are 0-0 just like everybody else in the league. If you want to be great, you need to hate to lose more than you love to win. It appears to me that the Pittsburgh Penguins are quite content with the success they’ve had already and are more interested in showing off said success for the time being. Just in time for the Flyers to turn their shit back around and reclaim the state. Just saying.

P.S. – Hockey is here.