The UFC Will Donate $1 Million To The Families Of The Victims Of The Las Vegas Shooting

There isn’t much to say in this blog that Nate didn’t already say in his blog about the Raiders donating $50,000 to the victim’s fund due to them being about the exact same topic, but something like this shouldn’t go unnoticed. The official GoFundMe page (found at the bottom of this blog) is closing in on $2mil in donations, and the UFC who gets to call Las Vegas it’s home is kicking in another million.

Vegas plays such an integral role in combat sports, and it’s the only case of a city OWNING sports. You think football, all over the country. Baseball, all over the country. Hockey, Canada…and all over the country. Mixed martial arts, though? Boxing? You think of one place, and that’s Sin City. I have so many friends in that community living in Las Vegas and still can’t put into words how devastated I am over the tragedy that unfolded last night. Please consider a donation to the victim’s fund if you could afford it, every dollar counts.

UFC 216 will go on as regularly scheduled on Saturday.