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John Mayer Tweets A Thoughtful Thread Regarding The Las Vegas Shooting

My guy John. Maybe my favorite dude in the world. People will hate this. People will say stick to music, pretty boy. People will say stop politicizing an event that happened less than 24 hours ago. People will say we don’t need to hear from a rich and famous Hollywood elite about how to fix the gun problem in this country. Maybe they’re right. Maybe we shouldn’t be talking about this shit in this way yet. I have no idea. I’m freaked out and scared like everyone else. The last thing we need to do is rip each other apart after something extremely divisive already took place. But all I know is I like hearing the opinions of people who I think are thoughtful and appear to be logical. That’s all that thread of tweets is about. It’s just some food for thought one of my favorite musicians (not sure if you heard but I went to one of his concerts alone a couple months ago). Something needs to happen. Innocent people getting cut down by the dozens with hundred more hurt can’t keep happening. It can’t.

And if you hate everything else in this blog and you hate me, you can’t hate this

(unless Tom Petty actually dies today then just fuck everything)