Concert Venue Tries To Make Lil' Wayne Go Through Security At His Own Show So He Turns Around And Goes Home

BET AWARDS '14 - Show

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP)Fans of rapper Lil Wayne will be offered refunds after the recording artist refused to pass through a security check to enter a South Carolina arena, and skipped the concert.

A statement Sunday by managers of the Colonial Life Arena in Columbia says Lil Wayne refused to enter the building when security workers sought to apply “the venue’s standard safety procedures.” The arena’s management says it wasn’t willing to make an exception for the headliner of Saturday night’s show “and jeopardize safety.”

Weezy – still a boss.  Imagine being that badass?  Showing up to your concert, they try to make you go through a simple security line, and you say fuck it, turn around and just drive on home.   He may not be on top of his rap game anymore but Lil’ Wayne is certainly on top of his not-give-a-fuck game.  Which isn’t always good. Like…this completely sucks for the fans.  They showed up for a Weezy concert and go dicked over.  It’s kind of an asshole move when you look at it that way.  Butttttt….

They’re giving refunds!  So basically these guys got a 2 Chainz, Tory Lanez and Cardi B concert for free. That takes some of the heat off.  Stop complaining you ungrateful simpletons – this is the whole reason you like Lil Wayne enough in the first place to buy his concert tickets.

Also what kind of lunatic has a Lil’ Wayne concert and insists on checking Lil’ Wayne’s pockets.  You lay the red carpet down to the green room then turn a blind eye while 100,000 grams of weed gets smoked and 150 strippers twerk on people.  He’s the star!  This is like when we had a Blackout show at Roseland the day after we were in the news so they banned us from drinking in the green room only instead of being a badass motherfucker like Weezy we just sat there quietly dead sober twiddling our thumbs saying yes sir whatever you say sir while wearing tank tops and neon snapbacks.