Ryan Gosling KILLED IT As Saturday Night Live's Season Premiere Host

Saturday Night Live had it’s 43rd Season Premiere over the weekend, and it was absolutely awesome. SNL might be back! Ryan Gosling’s Oscar-worthy deadpan delivery in the face of ridiculousness never failed to get a huge laugh out of me, Weekend Update toed the line between smart social commentary and lighthearted comedy in John Oliver-esque fashion, and every pretape neared Lonely Island levels of brilliance. SNL has been in a rebuilding process for a few seasons now, and this premiere assured me that trusting said process and sticking through the shit was the right move.

The highlight of the episode though was this skit about Ryan Gosling losing his mind over Avatar using the papyrus font…and as a former “graphic designer”…it hit home.

I’m a huge love the love guy, but Ryan Gosling needs to dump Eva Mendes and marry Emma as soon as possible. They’ll fill a Chris Pratt and Anna Faris size hole in my heart very quickly…and it’ll make me feel better about the end of La La Land.

Emma Stone smoking a cigarette was also just so goddamn hot.

Oh my.