I'm Not Here To Talk About The Past, I'm Here To Win A God Damn Pick.



Did yesterday even happen? Not that I’m aware of. Can’t live in the past, keep moving forward. Mark McGwire is a genius, don’t ever doubt that.




FSU vs Virginia Under 125.5


Slow slow game coming. Virginia has the best defense in the country. Game will be played in the 50’s.



Nebraska +6 vs Ohio State


Every game Ohio State has played in the Big Ten season has been a dogfight, Nebraska has been sneaky the best team the past month in the conference. There’s an old saying don’t take a dog you don’t think could win, well Nebraska absolutely can win this game.






Michigan vs Illinois +8


Yes Michigan has killed Illinois twice this year but that was old Illinois. The last 6 games they have been playing great ball. Teams play tighter in the tourney, this game is 4-5 pts.