Mitch Trubisky To Make His NFL Debut Monday Night Against The Vikings


Finally someone at Halas Hall came to their senses about this situation. Listen, Mike Glennon seems like a nice guy. A nice guy who should be a backup QB in the NFL for a while, but we all knew he wasn’t the answer. I feel bad that he thought he had this job only to have the Bears invest draft picks and money into Mitch Trubisky but the NFL is a cold hearted league.

I used to be a “let the guy wait and learn” person until we had Sean Salisbury on PMT a month ago. He basically said the only way you can learn to play in the NFL is by playing in the NFL. You want to say the Vikings Defense is a bad unit to start against, fine, but what are you going to do? Just avoid hard defenses for the rest of your career? If Mitch Trubisky is our guy there is no reason he shouldn’t be starting. If you trade up in the draft to get him, there is no reason he shouldn’t be starting. If you think he will be your franchise quarterback of the future, there is NO reason he should not be starting.

At the end of the Day the Bears aren’t building for this year, we all know that. They have no wide receivers and a Defense that gets injured far too often. What they are building towards is 2018/19 and starting Mitch Trubisky now helps that future. Instead of putting him in at the end of the year and starting fresh next season the Bears now have 12 NFL games to get Mitch Trubisky going. Next year he will no longer be a rookie, that type of growth/progression can’t be understated. He’ll make mistakes, he’ll have bad moments, but come 2018 he’ll be ready to take that big step forward. Oh and as a bonus, we as fans actually have something to watch now. An offense that has no deep threats can’t win by checking down every single play. Mitch Trubisky can move the pocket he can make plays with his feet and can hopefully extend plays so that the lack of depth at WR is less an issue. Mitch Trubisky is our future and our future is now. Bear Down.

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