A Legal Cannabis Company Duped Shane McMahon Out Of Half A Million Dollars

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NY Daily News- President Trump’s cabinet member who runs the U.S. Small Business Administration has a son with high hopes for the legal marijuana industry. Shane McMahon, the son of SBA Administrator Linda McMahon and body-slamming businessman and WWE founder Vince McMahon, has invested heavily in a company that produces pre-fabricated modules for growing pot, according to court papers.

In 2015, Shane ponied up $500,000 for a large stake in the Connecticut-based firm EnviroGrow, which sells the modules in states where the drug is legal for medical or recreational use. Shane McMahon revealed his interest in EnviroGrow in a lawsuit filed in a Connecticut court last year in which he accused the company’s owner of duping him about the state of the company.

The lawsuit says that Palmieri had approached McMahon about investing, telling him that the modules were state of the art, allowing for “around-the-clock growth in a climate-controlled environment that was safe from theft.” After making the investment, McMahon traveled to Fort Collins, Colo., to inspect EnviroGrow’s manufacturing plant, but found it virtually nonexistent, according to the lawsuit.

“I wasn’t gonna jump off that cage…but then I got high. I wasn’t gonna dive through that glass…but then I got high. I wasn’t gonna crash that ‘copter, but then I got high.”

It allllllllll makes sense now. Shane’s been able to survive all of these tremendous falls and bumps over the years by getting higher than the objects he’s jumping off. I’m sure Linda is pissed off about this getting out as an anti-pot member of an anti-pot cabinet, but hey, at least Shane is supporting small businesses, huh? Next time Shane should just make sure the small business he’s funding and putting substantial amounts of money into actually exists though. Between this and his massively failed decade-long endeavor to bring pay-per-view (a dying business) to China, it’s become a hell of a lot more clear why the WWE is being handed down to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon when Vince kicks the bucket. Shane just might be a dumbass like KO said!

“EnviroGrow” sounds SO fake. That’s the fake pot company name I’d come up with if I were smart enough to trick people (other than Barstool Sports) into giving me money. Now that Talking Smack has been abolished we can’t even have Kevin Owens point that out, so what’s even worth it nowadays?

Finally, I have to say this: I kinda love the guy who duped Shane O Mac. Shane went to visit his “company”, realized it isn’t real by any stretch of the imagination, so he’s sued, and this savage is still doing promos for himself and his “company” when being asked about the lawsuit.

The lawsuit is ongoing, but Palmieri has denied all the allegations in the lawsuit.

“EnviroGrow is a viable company,” he said. “It’s a great little business and it’s up and coming.”

Still holding onto every bit of legitimacy he doesn’t have, hoping more investors give his “great little business” money. I might even throw him a few bucks.